Черноморское побережье Болгарии - отели, развлечения, бизнес
Ваш путеводитель по инвестициям на морских курортах
Ваш путеводитель по инвестициям на морских курортах

Все методы заработка на курортах

Курортные инвестиции в ресторанном и развлекательном бизнесе на побережье Черного моря. Как оно работает? The area designated as the purest quartz sand on the coast and abounds in old trees, landscaped gardens, and shopping centers. This will be the point at which significant wind movement of sand could occur since the normal waves do not wet the sand beyond this area.

You will then have time to explore Nessebar at your own pace. Millennia ago, the Roman emperors came in Obzor, Bulgaria on the Black sea coast for some much needed R&R. However, the most active season of the summer - from may to October, natural factors (clean air, mild climate, sea water, mineral springs and curative mud) are now contributing to year-round operation of the resort.

With its gorgeous black sea coast and all-singing, all-dancing tourist resorts, the country has much to offer, but as its European counterparts. You will enjoy a walking tour through the narrow streets of this UNESCO world heritage site, passing the Grand houses of the 18th century and many medieval churches the city is famous for. Sunny beach and Nessebar can be easily reached by bus or taxi, and there are also boats plying between St Vlas and Nessebar. He got the name Sveti Vlas in the 14th century after Saint Blaise, a monastery dedicated to whom existed in the region, but was burnt down in 14-18th century by consecutive pirate raids. Dinevi brothers developed the numerous complexes, highlighted by the Marina itself. The Balkan mountains cross the country reaching to the edge of the Black sea at Cape Emine, dividing the coastline into a southern and Northern part.

In temperate climates, where the summer is characterised by calmer seas and longer periods between breaking wave crests, the beach profile is higher in summer. In old-growth forests between ancient Odessos and Dionysopolis were first mentioned by Pliny as the birthplace of mythical dwarfs, visited by the Argonauts. In this area the average temperature in summer is about 28 °C, average water temperature of 26 °C. Conversely, the beach profile is lower in the storm season (winter in temperate areas) due to the increased wave energy and the shorter periods between breaking wave crests. The southernmost section is included in the Strandzha natural Park.

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